Jamaica part II Black river and Negril

We did a overnight sail to Black river, the Customs came on-board pretty much as soon we had dropped anchor. They were all over the place asked why are where there, if we had checked in, it we had contraband’s on board, if we were transporting somethings for others. How many cellphones we had on-board. One guy was a little hostile and his Questions really came out as an interrogation. Well maybe it was Karma that made the bird poop on him. We were asked to give them a bottle as well, this is our first bribe in the Caribbean. I found it Kind of exiting afterwards .

Black River is a really small place. Our goal was to take the dinghy and see some Crocodiles up the river and we did. Being in an inflatable dinghy with crocodiles in the Water was kind of Scary and you didn’t want to lean too much over the sides. It took us less then 20 meters up the river before we spotted the first one. We went further up the river until the river divided before turning back. The customs told us that the Crocodiles also go out to our anchor spot sometimes. We never saw one there but our cruiser neighbor did. We also took a dinghy ride to a place called Floyd’s Pelican bar. It was a cool place build on a reef, we got our boat name eternalised.

We only stayed 2 days in black river before sailing on to Negril, So we told the customs we were leaving and hoisted the sail. We were anchored right outside the beach and it was rolley, not the best protection against the swells. We left the dinghy on a stone dock in downtown Negril to go to rickshaw cafe a place Anders had read about and seen in a reality show. We walked there and on the way the we saw small rural hotels and bars that felt more cosy and nice then Margaritaville we went to for WiFi and expensive cocktails. When we got to Ricks it was really exploited, a lot of people everywhere and not really what I expected. You were supposed to jump of their cliffs into the crystal clear waters below. Me and Andreas didn’t do it we were both wet from the rain so we gave the torch to Anders.


Jamaica is the first place we’ve been to that requires you to tell the customs when you move and to were. It hadn’t been a hassle until we got to Negril. We got there and no one came to our boat… we visited the police and they were confused why we were there told us that we would probably get a visit the next day but nobody showed up then either. We were also told that we could check out in Negril if we called a number for immigration that our cruiser neighbor gave us. This was really good news we didn’t want to sail against the wind to Montego bay just to check out and our time in Jamaica was coming to an end. To go there by land meant traveling 80 kilometers. We called the number and the immigration guy told us that he was expecting our call, sadly he couldn’t get anyone from customs to come to us. So we had to go to Montego bay again. The bus ride was not cheap, 50$ return, so Andreas got to go alone. When he finally got back, after a really delayed bus ride home  (almost 2 hours), we still only had check out with customs and we still had immigration to go. When Andreas called the immigration he had gone home for the day but because we had been in contact with him the whole day we were able to leave the paper work with a friend of his and we were now finally done and cleared out.

Over and out Hanna

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