The dyslectic ABC Curacao

We continued our travels in The ABC islands and after B comes C. C stands for Curacao that has named one of the spirits in one of my go to drinks Isbjörn, Blue Lagoon, Electric Lemonade or to be specific vodka, blue curacao, a dash of lime, sprite and never forget the ice. Well back to the topic the order of which to visit the ABC islands for a sailboat like us tends to be BCA which had been a bit confusing for us before we got there but upon arrival to Curacao I think we had that down. At least that it started with C but we manage to confuse it with both Carriacao and other islands starting with C.

An excellent example of the drink

We decided to anchor in Spanish water mostly because it is pretty much the only approved anchorage in the entire country and secondly because it is quite protected and nice. Being an approved anchorage there were some rules to be followed you had to put down your hook in specific areas but we did not know the borders of those. So after a adequate guess we managed to anchor in square A, the prime location we even had wifi some days when the weather allowed.

We arrived to Spanish Waters early enough to make an attempt to check in the same day. Since we had brought our own local guide Linda from Bonaire we thought we were all set. Linda had however never been to Curacao and didn’t really speak the Curacao lingo but she was eager to ask for directions. And after running around the city and finally finding the temporary customs office. Ensuring the harbor master that we indeed were anchored in the correct spot ten minutes before they closed. We thought we deserved to take a celebratory beer at a random sports bar outside of their happy hour.

We then continued our city tour of Wilhelmstad. Linda who had been seeing the same faces since she got to Bonaire was thrilled to interact with others. Wilhelmstad is a colourful city built on both sides of their harbor inlet. There is two main ways for pedestrians to cross the inlet you can either walk across on the floating bridge that moves out of the way every now and then or you can take a chance that the free of cost ferry will depart soon and take that over the narrow inlet. The old forts on the edge of the inlet originally served the purpose of protecting the city from pirates and other intruders. The forts is now a days a very touristic shopping mall and houses various shops and restaurants. We sat down at a small outdoor cafe beside the floating bridge and talked about our options, we decided to head back to the boat. Linda managed to get some local currency from the cashier at the place we couldn´t understand why at the time but we found out the day after that they didn´t accept bills on the bus.

Close to Spanish Waters there is a salt lake that we explored more then once the bushes were rattling by all the different lizards moving around when we came walking by. some places around the pond/lake were windy and quite nice to see the almost desert like landscape surrounding a big body of water. Some places were not windy and unbelievably hot and beyond comfortable to be in. We walked by a beach club and tried to stop by for some ice cream. It turned out that they didn’t sell ice cream before lunch. So fed up with their parental like behavior we went next door to the ice cream shop for some ice cream instead.

Later that day we returned in to the city for some night life. Well night is to stretch it a bit since our last bus left the station at ten o’clock. But at least we got some city pulse.

The next morning Linda left to fly back to Bonaire and work. We on the other hand rolled up our sleeves and qued the music because it was time to get some shit done. We spent the following week doing projects on the boat, took some shopping trips and lived a really slow life.

Hanna and Andreas took a pause in the hard work and went on a snorkeling excursion to a old tug boat wreck. what i can tell you from the pictures is that the water were much nicer over there then at our boat.

One of the restaurants in the marina had a what they called cruisers dinner every Thursday so we went there. it was a affordable sit down dinner on a table filled with other cruisers. We ended up chatting with another Swedish boat and the manager of budget marine. After a couple of days of putting Chibidarra together again after all the projects we were ready to set sails towards A in ABC or in our case BCA. One could say that we failed to explore large areas of the island but sometimes you need to priorities. Over and out Anders

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