So the story about a island called Klein Curacao

When we were in Bonaire we were told that between Bonaire and Curacao ?? Was a small little island with nice reefs , white beaches and wildlife. So of course we got interested and wanted to visit this small island the problem is the checking in and out of a county. This small island is a part of Curacao and to follow procedure we should go first to Curacao then back to Klein Curacao . But everyone we talked to stayed a few days on the island before checking in either in Curacao or Bonaire. So we did the same.

As Andreas wrote we accuired a extra Hands,passenger, doctor Linda a friend of Lotte. She had a cording to Alejandro the island fever is when you move to on a small island and after some months you are really tiered of seeing the same people and places and you want to get of the island. So she wanted to join us for a couple of days sailing over to Klein Curacao then onwards to Curacao and fly back.

We left Bonaire on Wednesday and sailed to Klein was slow with hardly any wind so we gave in and started the engine. So that we would have a couple of daylight hours on Klein.

When we got there a guy from one of the day trip charters helpt us to pick up a mooring that according to him was free and for our use . He was afraid we would drop the anchor and damage the coral, like some cruisers had done before. We actually do check where we place our Anchor but not everyone does it. When we had tied up to the mooring we saw alot of boats and dinghies leaving the beach to follow a pod of dolphin. We jumped in the water, hoping to get to swim with the dolphins but they where too far away, we could hear them in the water.Before going ashore we decided to have some lunch, the info we got were that all chartered boat would be gone by 16.00 and they where, so we had the island with 4 other cruisers to ourself.

Being a little lazy we took the stand up paddle board and swam ashore. We were under the impression that the island would be deserted but there where huts and houses build by the Charter Companies. So After just walking a couple of minutes one guy from Mermaid cruisers came and talked to us. He was dutch so he and Linda hit it of fast. He was staying the night and invited us to come by later after exploring the island.

So we walked around the island and checking out the lighthouse and the boat wrecks on the east side. Then back to the Mermaid hut to watch the sunset with some complimentary beers from our new friend.

A perfect ending to a amazing day in a amazing place.