Prickly bay – our new home

After Carnival we decided to move to one of the south bays of Grenada first up was prickly bay, we ended up not moving from that bay during our stay. We had postponed a lot of boat work during our sail in the Eastern islands but now it was time to get started. We realized we could use Anders bed now that he left for Sweden to do work on the Aft cabin, upholstery on our bed, frames around the hatches all the stuff we decided to do later… So now was the time

we stayed here for six weeks and the days became more structured. We spent most days doing boat work and two times a week we walked over to Secret bay marina to play volleyball in the Afternoon. l also spent two times a week going to “yoga with a smile” at Prickly bay Marina. We did Tuesday trivia a couple of times, recruiting awesome team mates until we won the rum punch. Some Fridays we went to the container park for dinner and on Saturdays we did the hash. On top of this there was places we visit. All in all we were busy working and hanging out with other cruisers at camp Grenada.

So what is a Hash: it is a trail running race/or walk were you follow piles of shredded paper. The event is on every Saturday at around 4 pm and they are ALWAYS at a new trail. Because its a new trail anytime the difficulty varies, such as length and ascent. On Some trails there are also a fork marked with a paper shaded Circle this means there is two paths to go if you go the Wrong way you will and up at an X mark and you have to go back. If you get lost or can’t find the paper you yell where to? then the other runners should reply On, On or On back.

The hash group call themselves

Drinkers with a running problem.

After the run there is cheap beers and local food for Sale and Music playing late into the night. We always went there with Shademan a local guy whom own a shuttling service for Cruises .

We are not the most forward people in meeting fellow cruisers and meeting other cruisers our own age was super fun, we had been by ourselves since the Germans, Sv Serenity left us, with a few exceptions. Every event was announced in the morning on the VHF channel 68, the cruisers net.

We spent most of the events with another couple from America, Mikael and Megan on SV Tanagra, that we meet playing volleyball. Most of the couples we spent time with did the same events, volleyball and the hash but there were others as well :

Polly and James on Sv Treogen, a British couple whom crossed the Bay of Biscay at the same time as we did but they decided to go closer to shore because of the bad conditions, we didn’t. ….. hale storms

Shanique and Reg which Andreas and Anders meet on union island while kite surfing.

Ben and Jess a Australian couple, on Sv MAC that had bought the boat in the us and planed to sail back home.

Sarah and Nick on Sv Borealis from the States

Maria and Johan on Sv Samantha from Sweden whom we celebrated Midsummer with in Martinique.

And many many more.

The time went by so quickly and we didn’t do much exploring during this time except when Shanique and Reg invited us to hike from Grand Etang to concord falls, which was an amazing hike and we got to visit Au coin falls again, and the Concord falls too.

The time flew during these weeks by but we manage to get a lot of things crossed of the to do list.

  • Sew new sunshades
  • Reseal a couple of windows
  • Fix/weld pulpit
  • Reglass the bow
  • windlass maintenance
  • Aft cabin trim, paint, curtains and new upholstery
  • Dinghy chaps, lantern, lock
  • Foot rail varnishing
  • Ceilings in cabinets
  • Bad boy wifi extender
  • Sup stand for railing
  • Paint sinks
  • sand and paint stairs

We also improved our home with a badboy and a new dinghy engine. The Bad boy is a wifi receiver so we can freeload on wifi’s on shore either by having a drink to get the password or take a open one. Or new dinghy engine is a Tohatsu like the 4 hp one we have but with 18 hp instead so we will be able to travel longer distances.

During our stay the hash group announced that there would be a special event weekend hash on Carriacou, this was perfect timing for us So we decided to join with some fellow cruisers. We said goodbye to everyone and sailed north back once more to Carriacou

Over and out. // Hanna