Grenada – St Georges

We arrived in St Georges after a calm sail down the coast. But when we came closer to the town and were beating in to the wind to get to the anchorage we saw a charter boat going against us with his foresail sheeted on the wrong side so he was barely moving. We changed course to get close by to ask if he needed any help but he only pointed on the back of his shirt and waved. So we sailed on and half an hour later we saw another boat doing the same thing going in another direction. So we concluded this was an opposite day regatta and just continued to the anchorage.

In St Georges the anchorage is a little bit outside of the town in between the town and a big beautiful beach called Grande Anse. We spent a few days checking out the town and surroundings. Grenada was supposed to be a bit of a vacation in this long vacation of ours. Anders was heading home for some weeks for a wedding and to work a bit. Hanna and I wanted to just have some time when we didn’t move around too much, to meet some people, do some work on the boat and just get some routine for a little while.

There is a big community of cruisers in Grenada and therefore all sorts of activities happening. Most of them is happening in the southern bays which is quite a walk away so we put on our hiking shoes and went 5 km for some volleyball. There were also flee market for boaters so we got some fun new stuff. Otherwise we spent our days chilling and doing some boat work that had been on the list for a long time.

After some time it was time for my Birthday. We started out the day with some mimosas and later on some internet to make some calls home to the family. We spent the rest of the day with some nice food and later on we made our way to volleyball with some fellow cruisers. After the volleyball we went to Nimrods a pub nearby for some refreshments. A really nice day ended with a bus ride back home again to the boat.

It was now soon time for the big Carnival in town. We had heard from some other cruisers that you could go in the carnival by buying a package from a company. So Hanna and I got up at 4 o clock in the morning and walked to Carib the brewery to buy our package. The package included some bling with lights and a shirt so everyone looked the same.

We sent Anders off to the airport to fly home and then it was time for Carnival. It started out with something called Jouvert really early in the morning where everyone that wants to be in the train get smeared with used engine oil. It was a crazy experience with some mixed feelings about it. But at least we tried the local customs. We arrived at around 6 in the morning and were quite late so everyone were pretty much completely black from oil and we got some of it as well. Hanna a bit more than me.

After the Jouvert everyone disappeared home to rest after having partied pretty much the whole night, so we did the same even though we cheated on the time a bit. Later on we met up with Paul and Miles two Australians whom we had met a few nights earlier on the volleyball. We had a couple of drinks before we got in to the main event for us. The big carnival train that was starting in the evening and continued throughout the whole night. We started walking at about 10 p.m. and we found Carib our supplier of drinks and music. We then pretty much walk/danced/tried to fill our beer mugs the rest of the night. We were around 200 people just in the Carib one all dancing with light in the hats, swords and necklaces. At around 3 a.m. we were too tired to continue and started to walk back home to the dinghy and got to sleep well tired after a full day of Carnival.

The next day was the so called fancy mas, the more pretty train with everyone who actually knows what they are doing. We kind of forced ourselves out of bed and went in to at least have a look. So we stayed for an hour or so but they were so slow on getting the train started so we only stayed for the first part of it. Later that week we did a dive with Paul and Miles before they flew back to Australia for some vacation and we lifted up the anchor and sailed down south to the southern bays instead to see some new surroundings.

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