Carriacou a island full of beaches and mountain climbing tortoises

Carriacou is a Island located north of Grenada and belongs to Grenada. We had heared that it’s the place together with Grenada for Cruisers to hide during the hurricane season. There was a lot of boats but we tried to go out and socialize but Tyrell bay was pretty much dead. We spent one night out playing pool with the locals. I was a little disappointed that all cruisers seemed to stay on their boat and not much was happening during our stay, but we made the most of our time and explored the island. On mount pleasure one of the highest point there were heaps and heaps of tortoises. It must had been a race we did not hear about. I think we saw about ten of them in all sizes, before Carriacou I only seen one.

We walked over from Tyrell bay to Hillsborough and bought an ice cream to sit down on paradise beach on the way back. Paradise beach was lovely and it didn’t seem to be much people enjoying it at least not when we were there, we had it almost to our self. We spend a lot of time here enjoying the bays wifi which we were able to get a spot close by the reciver. We first did not plan to visit sandy island at first but changed our mind and ended up staying 3 days, snorkeling, relaxing, reading and the boys tried some kiting. our first night a storm swept by and we had gust up to 30 knots some of the boat dragged anchor but nothing serious happen but it makes me appreciate our 50 kg anchor with our 12mm chain.

After our hard time at sandy island (not really ) we continued on to Grenada’s northern part, sailing east around kick’em Jenny we ended up with in a area of a lot of counter current normally but we got some current helping us somehow. With amazing views over the small island outside of Grenada we caught a nice dinner . The London Bridge was a nice rock formation to see what the ocean is able to do over time. The northern part of Grenada is often forgotten but it is a treat.

Don’t forget to hold your breath once in awhile.