Union Island – Finally some kitesurfing

We arrived in union Island after Tobago Keys snorkeling with turtles and rays. We spend a couple of days in Clifton Harbor, while waiting for the flight home for Anders’ parents. We had some walks around the Island and just hanging out. Anders father Jan also tried some fly fishing without too much success, but he got a nice long walk in the water. Clifton was calm since it is off season now and not much was happening.

The last night Anders´ parents was onboard we visited Happy Island for some sundowners and the much appreciated kiteboarding show that usually happens there at sundown. Afterwards went in to town and got treated to a nice dinner by them. The next day we walked them to the airport and wrote them of the crew list and said good bye for this time.

We then moved to a place called Ashton. Clifton is a popular place to be kiteboarding but Ashton is definitely a nice step up, at least for beginners as me. We decided to spend a week finally getting some nice wind in the perfect place. There is a small strip of land protecting the bay from waves but not messing up the wind which makes it so nice.

We spend a couple of days with me trying to learn and not doing to much of success the first days but it did go better and better. But then Anders stepped on a sea orchid and got ill for a couple of days so that gave us a bit of a break in the kiteboarding. As soon as he got better we were on it again and now it started to work fairly well. At the end I also was able to go upwind as Anders had learnt on his kite course a couple of months earlier. And Most of the transitions, turning from one side to the other, worked out well without swimming in the middle.

So over all it was a nice week but we felt we needed to get going so when the wind was going to be worse for a couple of days we headed for Carriacau and Grenada.

By the pen, Andreas

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