S:t Vincent – Best diving so far

We arrived in S:t Vincent after about 20 hours of sailing. A lot of current against us around the islands but over all a nice sail. We decided to go back to Blue Lagoon to check in because the customs were nice the last time and the office open. So we checked in and got to meet Oliver and Carlota Viking explorer over the Atlantic. We had a sundowner at the beach bar with them and updated each other a bit.

The next day most of the crew went in to Kingstown and checked out the town for the day. I stayed on the boat doing some work with resealing a window and installing some heat shields around the stove. We stayed 2 nights outside Blue Lagoon before heading back north to Petit Beuchat a wonderful small bay where we stayed two nights completely secluded.

We started with a dive on one of the sides of the bay. It was really nice with so much nice corals and fish. Everything alive and really a reef that is thriving. The next day we were going to dive the Bat cave about half a mile away. Anders went out with his parents in the dinghy and came paddling back 10 minutes later. So the motor had died and when trying to restart Anders ripped the starter string off and had to paddle and swim back to the boat. So after a quick change of starter string they were off again. They went in to the cave but turned around when there was a bit too much waves inside, and went back and dove around the cliff outside the cave. Still a very nice dive though. Afterwards me and Hanna had a try and we were able to dive through the cave and out on the other side of the mountain. It was really nice when the cave opened up into a deep ravine and the floor and walls were covered in lobsters. It was one of the best dives I have done so far.

We also went ashore to pick some fruit since last time we were here we could pick both coconuts and starfruits and almonds. But we came back with only coconuts but not to bad either. Then we had some dinner and the next day we were off  for a short sail to Bequia once again.

One thought on “S:t Vincent – Best diving so far

  1. There were a lot of highlights in St Vincent, one topping the other.
    Tasting our first punch in the nice beachbar in Blue Lagoon together with your friends. Taking the local,very much crowded, bus to Kingstown and strolling along in the streets.
    But when we went to the small bay, Petit Beuchat, and stayed there for two nights, it peaked it all. Picking coconuts, the hard work to get the nuts down from the top of the palms, did the old man, good for us. Finding out how hard it is to get the hard nutshell of the almond before you can enjoy it, for a reason we did not get to eat so many !
    When it got dark and we sat in the boat watching the twinkling fireflies up on the island, so moving. At first we thought it was people wandring around on the island with flashligts.
    The motor failure, as we were going on a divingexcursion, when Anders had to jump in the water to swim and at the same time pulling the dinghy and the old man and I paddled for everything we were worth to be able to get back to Chibidarra.
    Thanks for very enjoyable days in the bay.


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