Martinique second time around

After a 200 Nm sail, two caught fishes and a magnificent thunderstorm we got back to Martinique. This time we started in St.Pierre and since the rum always seems to be gone we cleared in to Europe and went for a walk up to the rum distillery. After some tasting we got back to the boat and planned Chris last days onboard.

We decided to take a walk along the old, man built, water trench that runs alongside a mountain. It was built a couple of hundreds of years ago and is still used to transport water to the other side of the mountain. Since we walked with the water flow the difficult part were to get to the start of the trench. When we got to the trench there was a very small decline all the time to make the water flow nice and even. Since the path basically is on the outside trench wall, on the side of a mountain the scenery quickly went from awesome to pretty scary. In my opinion it’s one of the best hikes we’ve done so far.

We had a wet meeting at sunset and planned a bit further. Since it is easier than in St.Pierre we decided to take Chris last night in Fort the France.

So early next morning we departed from St.Pierre and went south a couple of hours to Fort du France. Dinner wise Chris had found an interesting restaurant on google maps. But as earlier the google maps address and reality doesn’t correlate in Fort du France. But in our hunt for another restaurant we manage to accidentally find it anyway, sometimes we’re lucky. Then we went out for a couple of beers. But it was tequila night so we ended up having way too many of those. We were all in a zombie like state when we dropped Chris of at the ducos ride to the airport the next day.
Since we already had spent some time in Fort du France during our last visit to Martinique we decided to move down to the popular cruiser bay in Le Marin. Well one thing is for sure there is a lot of boats anchored, moored and docked in that area. As usual the days down here flies by in an extraordinary rate. Since the to-do list quickly got way too long. We had to prioritize and go for the most important, beer.
To be able to efficiently provision we rented a car and got to the all large stores on the island. We noticed that this day people were in general not putting food as much as party items in their trolleys. When we googled it we found out that it was a musical holiday the next day. Since we were stocking up for the Swedish midsummer holiday our trolley fitted right in. Although we spent nearly the entire day in different stores there were some items for midsummer we couldn’t find. Well lucky for us we had ordered the items from Sweden and I were to pick them up at the airport later that afternoon.
Along with the sill and gräddfil I also picked up my parents. Well every coin has two sides right. Jokes aside we did actually know that they were coming. And we were almost ready for their arrival. As all new crew onboard there is a bit to get used to and a lot has changed since they last saw the boat back in October. The best thing, at least the most recent, being removal of the wind vane to enable access to the bathing platform in the back of the boat. Since it hasn’t been used it just made it harder to be back there.

As midsummer is an important Swedish tradition we looked for something to do. On a facebook page for Swedish sailors we found out that two other Swedish boats were going to celebrate together so we decided to join them. The hosting family on their remodeled moorings 55 consists of Daniella, Erik and their two kids Annika and son. The other boat were Johan and Maria that also lived in Gothenburg but right now on their Afrodite 40.

It was a very well composed dinner party with plenty of different Swedish dishes. As part of the desert we had to take turns throwing the kids around. This resulted in a new name for my father. Annika politely asked him to come play by calling him “gamle man” wich means old man in Swedish. Since then we started to use that as well.

The next day we stocked up on the last bits of food before our journey to SVG. Due to water quality and crowdedness we decided to sail around the corner to St. Anne. This were where my parents started to practice their wildlife photography skills. We have seen it before. It started out with ourselves when we spotted our first turtle in Bequia some months ago and we instantly tried to find the camera and take a picture. We then saw the same thing happening to Martin and Ben when they tried to find a picture taking device as soon as some interesting new animal appeared. Then Chris came along and did the same thing. We didn’t expect it to be any different this time. It got quite interesting when gamle man got stuck on the way in to the water, but decided to wait for an eagle ray to pass first since it was too big to swim with. Instead he had me up and running for the camera and take a picture of it. We spent some days snorkeling and chilling in St. Anne before the weather decided to get in our favor and take us south in my mom’s first night sail in 25 years. Gamle man was eager to get a tuna, and actually had one on the hook that i dropped when I where to pick it up. Over all a bit rolley but nice sail. But I don’t think that my parents slept well at all. But we arrived in St. Vincent in the morning hours.

Over and out Anders

One thought on “Martinique second time around

  1. From one day to another, going from one continent to another, from cold winds to nice warm winds, from total control to out of control, a very nice start of the holiday. Snorkling around exploring the underwater life, incredible fantastic. Even if we were a little bit to much in a jet lag mood we really enjoyed celebrating midsummer differently.
    After a nice smooth start we set of on the 24 hour sailing, the great waves, the total dark and completely alone, felt that I got the feeling of what you had experienced out on the Atlantic.
    And it is true we did not sleep much that night but we enjoyed being were we were, even if we were stuck in our beds because of the big waves. Getting closer to St Vincent we were able to get out of our beds and see the new island that we were going to explore the following days, it sure looked very welcoming.
    Thanks for a lovely experience


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