Saaba- Not easy to visit but well worth the effort

We arrived in Saaba after about 2 days beating in to the wind from the BVI’s. There were very little wind so it was a very calm sail. We managed to tack so we missed a few thunderstorms. Saaba is a very steep island almost without any bays to anchor and no beaches. There is only one anchorage with some mooring buoys on the west side of the island. We were lucky and the weather was reasonably calm and the stay was okay.

We arrived and took one of the moorings because it was included in the park fee and anchoring was a bit restricted due to it being a marine park. Then we put the dinghy in the water and went in to  the main dock to clear in. this meant going to the south side of the island with the dinghy about 2 miles. It was a bit rocky and a little bit wet but we arrived and could dry off on the dock. We cleared in and everyone was super nice just as we have heard before that they should be on this isolated island.

We decided to go up the hill and take a look in the “town”.  We soon regretted this decision since the road to the city was one really steep and long hill. I think it was about 200 m up and about 1,5 kilometer to walk. We walked in a valley with pretty much no wind a the sun gassing at us. But we finally arrived in the town and it was not very much at all. But they had a nice bar so we could get a beer after this tremendous achievement. They also had a supermarket were they had a 1 dollar sale on products out of date so we got out of there with a lot of cheese and some really strange stuff but we were happy. We then walked back towards the dock and someone stopped and gave us a ride down the hill to the dock. As I said very nice people.

The next day was Sweden’s national day and we decided to do a longer hike up on the highest mountain on the island. So we started with the wet dinghy ride and then the very steep hill in to town. From there we took some small roads to get to the start of a path that lead up towards the mountain. The hike continued steep right through the jungle with a lot of mango trees. So we got some really nice ripe mangos. After a couple of pauses we arrived on the top at 877 m high it was Holland’s second highest peak. (Yes Saaba belongs to Holland, more or less) Finally on the peak we had some lunch and celebrated the national day with some Swedish “flaggpunch” and a Swedish flag.

On the way down we decided to take a smaller path down the other side of the mountain and visit the second town on the island. This path was a little less traveled but really nice with wonderful views. We arrived down on the main road and Chris decided to try some hitch hiking. We got a lift on the back of a truck and got in to the second town on the island. This town was really nice and we got a well deserved beer. Later after checking around a bit we hitch hiked one more time to get back to the dock.

The next day, as Saaba is well known for its life under the water. We went snorkeling and it was really nice. We saw a lot of fish and a lot of live coral. Turtles, barracudas and under water arches. It was one of the best snorkeling so far on this trip.

Saaba was a really nice place and we all loved it. All the people we met was so nice and the island is really beautiful. A real gem which is a bit of the beaten track and not very many cruisers come here. But after a few days we had to leave to be able to get to Martinique in time to leave Chris at the airport.

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