BVI part III More adventures with Serenity

After spending a few days on the channel islands, we headed back to Beef island to say good by to Lotte who was flying home to Bonaire. She will be missed but we will have to visit when we get to Bonaire 😊. The plan was to spend the evening doing some spex but the French guys forgot to get their ESTAS for America. So the evening was spent most trying to use the closed bars wifi, well it wasn’t a good bye, just see you soon, we will have to make it up to her.

The day after, Martin and Benoit’s last day, we decide to leave Trellis bay to go snorkeling on the diamond reef between Great Camanoe and Scrub island. We had been tracking the Germans on their AIS after they arrived in the BVI’s. I had messaged them our plan but they had not replied yet. But after we had snorkeled we saw that they moved to trellis bay so we packed our stuff and went back to spend some time with them. We had a really nice last evening together and made future plans with the Germans to meet up and Sail to Jost van dyke together.

After Leaving the french guys at the airport we needed to do some provisioning. So, as many times before, we took our bags and started walking. This time we had a 5 km walk in front of us to the ” bigger” super market. There are almost no buses on Tortola and a taxi cost 24 dollars one way, tortola to the airport, so we had to use our legs. We had a lot of chores to do in the upcoming days before our next crew member Chris, a friend of ours from home, would join. – We had run out of cooking Gas and needed to go to Tortola to refill and we had to do laundry of all the bed linen.

On our way to the supermarket we found a laundromat which we decided to use the following day, the issue was only that is also was 5 km away. So the day after me and Anders took the same trip but for laundry this time. On our way back we got a ride from a local guy that had spotted us walking out from trellis bay (beef island). He had spent Sunday morning collecting salt from one of the dried up salt ponds, which he would continue drying at home before using it in food.

There was only one place on Tortola you could fill the cooking gas in road harbor, so we had to move the boat all the way back there again.

There where not much space to anchor in Road harbor but we managed to squeeze in between the channel and the mooring field. The gas station where you could refill the cooking gas was located east of the town. On the charts there did not seem to be any dingy dock close by but we decided to go and check it out. We ended up at a charter boat company and they were really nice to let us borrow their dock, for a few hours. The gas station was just around the corner which was lucky for us having to roll 2 times 10kg gas bottles. There was also a big shopping area on the other side of the road, so we could also do our provisioning in the same place. We went two rounds first with the cooking gas on the trolley filling our bags then again filling the trolley bag and our bags again. Chibidarra Was once again stocked for some weeks ahead.

We sailed all the way back to beef island and trellis bay to pick up Chris. He had been bouncing between airports both in Europe and the Caribbean so he was tired but stoked when we met up with him at the airport.

Earlier that morning we made plans to anchor with Serenity in Lee bay which according to the Guidebook were said to be the calmest place to anchor in the BVI’s, this was not the case. Serenity had gone there before us , we got stuck picking up Chris and at Happy hour in Trellis bay’s Market. So when we once again could radio them, they’ve changed anchor and island to Guana island, but because the island where private we decided to postpone our beach BBQ. The anchorage was not so nice so we decided to move too brewers bay on the north side on Tortola the next day..

When we got there no body really wanted to go in the water to check for a Sandy patch to put our anchor. So we yelled at Kai to check it for us, he was already checking the same for Serenity. When we where done anchoring a dolphin came swimming by Kai in the water and the dolphin was curious and Playful . We all jumped in and joined but the dolphin had gone away by then. We continued swimming for a while and I heard Kristin Calling my name, I just replied

“I’m here” ,”I’m here” “what’s up?”

“Hanna turn around”.

And there the dolphin was stroking my arm as i turned around. I quickly dived with it and started spinning and so did the dolphin. It was one of the most Amazing experience’s I’ve had, to play with a wild dolphin. One can now cross of that on once bucket list. 😄

later that day we decided to go ashore and look for the ruins of the distillery that was once located here (hence the name brewers bay). We did not find it but we found a really nice trail to a cave and a viewing point, one of many flipp flopp adventures.

Next we headed to Jost Van Dyke and the Bubbly pool, ha ha ha.,……the Guide book had made it into this huge thing and it was really not. Such a scam, but we made the most of it before heading back to the boat and on towards Great harbor for a Friday night BBQ buffé at foxy’s. The food was nice but expensive, it was a nice evening with wonderful and amazing Company.

The plan from the beginning was to go and visit soggy dollars in white bay so after Chris had gotten everybody up ,we move the boat to the next bay, a whole 2 Nm away. White bay was just a long white beach with beach bars,.So We went with it and pumped up some floating chairs that was given to us at Norman island and made our selves some Rum Punches. The whole day and evening was spent playing at the beach or in the water, a lot of fun. We manage to have our self a Painkiller from Soggy dollars , the inventor of the cocktail, and ended the evening making Homemade pizzas together. It was an epic end to one chapter with the crew of Serenity we will miss meeting up with them in unexpected places, racing to new ones and staying up endless hour’s discussing everything and nothing. Our plan is to sail south for the hurricane season and theirs is to go back home selling the boat on this side and flying back. It’s sad to say good bye but we plan to stay in touch and visit them in Germany or if they’ll come to Sweden.

With the farewells made for so many people in just a week apart we started to sail down south again.

All for now / Hanna

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