We left Marigot bay and were on our way to go around the southern tip of Anguilla, when Hanna asks me. What are you gonna do about that sailboat that is heading towards us. Well I’d planned to let him choice witch way to go. So we decided to wait for a while but keep a look out for that boat. When we felt it got a bit to close we decided to give the boat a bit more room. It was in that moment I noticed that the boat looked a bit familiar. It was our German freinds on Serenity out for a wednesday cruise before getting the boat up on land the next morning.

We arrived to road bay on the north west side of Anguilla in the early afternoon, and since the costums office was open upon our arrival (för ovanlighetensskull) we could check in at once. During the evning the crew left the owners onboard and went ashore. The darkness made the beach sand hard to distinguish from baking flour and we had a nice walk in the to one of the beach bars. We manage to get connected, to one of the fastest connections we’ve had so far on this side of the Atlantic ocean. But the great speed was also accompanied with the highest beer price. So we soon decided to head back to the boat too get an early start the next day.

Early starts has in the past been quite early as in 6-7 o’clock but with this big crew it’s more likely that it ends up being around 9-10 instead. Well we sort of had an early start the next day. Captain took the job of mounting one of the wind generators that he bought in St. Martin. Hanna were to do her laundry wich left us in the crew to explore the island alone. So we vent ashore and started to walk across the island. With the destination set to Shoal bay we started walking. We had heard that it supposedly were to be one of the top 10 beaches in the world in Shoal bay and we were keen to find out. After a while we stoped at food truck and asked if there were any buses on the island. To our disappointment there weren’t any buses at all. But he recommended that we should hitch a ride with someone, sooner or later someone will stop. Turned out to be a bit later in this case, after beeing passed by numerous of big cars and minibusses a small suzuki swift stopped and picked us up. Luckily we weren’t more then four persons this time. The driver explained to us that he never had been to Shoal bay but that he had tried and given up. But when we finally arrived it was obvious that he had taken a really bad detour last time he tried because this time we practically parked on the beach and i must say that the colors were fantastic.

But since we recently had visited Baruba we were spoiled with exclusivity and here we definitely weren’t alone. Sun beds and beach umbrellas as far as you could see, and alot more activities around beach. You could clearly see that Anguilla weren’t hit as bad as the previous islands by Irma. Well we went for a short swim. Then it was time to go back again. This time we had more luck to get a ride just a few hundred meters from the beach a pick-up truck stop and picked us up. And the calm and chill traffic we had experienced before was all gone. This ride was all about pedal to the metal and full speed ahead. The one and a half hour we spent to get to the beach was reduced to a bit over ten minutes on the way home.

We didn’t stay for long in Anguilla infact the very next day we set sail for the BVIs. Our big crew nade it possible to always be two people on watch at all time. Something we haven’t really missed but it was nice not to be left alone. Well we had our seventh crew member the noise machine aka wind generator up and running. Well if you fall asleep in the cockpit when that one is running you wouldn’t have noticed if you ran in to a minor island either.

Over and out Anders

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