We arrived sunday afternoon to the Dutch, sint Maarten and started with a tourough cleaning of the boat. To Wwelcome our newest crewmember to the team Lotte from the netherlands. So all in all we are now 6 people on CHIBIDARRA its going to be crowded for a couple of weeks.

Sint Maarten ( Dutch ) and st Martin (French) Is One island. I read a cute story in the guidebook about how they divided the island. Apparently neither side wanted to fight over the land, So they decided to share it but to establish who get’s what land the story said the Opponent where to choose the beverage of their liking, French choose wine and the Dutch choose Gin. And then the dutch would walk from the south and the french from the north and where they meet the boarder would be. Therefore the Dutch Side is a little bit smaller then the French side become Gin is stronger then wine.

And they have not been fighting for over 200 years ❤


Carneval, Labor day and Kai’s birthday

So after we picked up Lotte at the airport on Monday and on the way back we went to buy some Bubbly for Kai’s birthday the same evening. We spent the night drinking on Serinety and played revers genga, building it one block at the time until it falls 🌊

The next morning we got ready for the Carneval, not knowing what to expect. I was really exited and when we bought a coca cola can that had the Saint Maarten 50 year Carneval on it, I started to understand that it probably be really nice show and it was…

The whole day was a big party with dancers in all ages and sizes, females mostly, but with some males in the groups. There were some free beers, party beads and other sponsor stuff being tossed from the vagons as they whent by. The streets were covered in bars and food stands and all in dutch so the perfect opportunity to use Lotte for help. It was such a blast

We got to the Carneval around noon and spent the day and afternoon watching the dancers and dancing along to their music. In the evening we went to the Carneval village and because we did not know the schedual We ended up mostly walking around and sitting in on the benches watching the Stage, which did not show anything because the main event that day was of course the Carnival parade.

Needless to say we had a tuff labor day, we spent the day walking over to the french side of the island to buy some well needed provisioning, but because it was labour day everything was closed. We did get to see alot of the island even doe we had to redo the trip the day after.

On thursday after provisioning we visit the famous blasting beach right beside the airport. We did not check the schedule for arriving or departing planes so there were few really big ones , but we were Happy anyway. That night we went with the Germans to a karaoke bar and sang one Song before the bartender broke the tv and we moved on to the next bar. We spend the night drinking some beers and talking. When the bar closed the Bartender asked if we wanted to see them feed the tarpoons which we of course wanted. A tarpoon is a fish that eats all kinds of stuff and because they are full of bones they are not a nice fish to eat. The ones the restaurant/ bar was feeding was almost a meter

On friday we had a slow day with some card games on the boat and in the late afternoon we went in for a couple of rounds of volleyball at the beach. Saturday we went and did Some Wreck diving before checking out and Moving to the french part of the island. We saw some barracudas and alot of small fishes. My dive sadly came to a fast end because i had some detergent in my mask and when i got some water in it , it started to burn my eyes and when i tried to fix it i got some in my nose and mouth, So we had to go back up, it was really a bummer.


We only stayed a few days on the french side checking in and out in Margoit bay. Stayin One night in Baie de Grand case and one in Anse Marcel. I spent most of the time in bed having a bad cold, while the rest did some snorkeling and exploring On our last day we all went on a hike before leaving for Anguilla.

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