Guadeloupe 17/4

Since we didn’t get the earliest of starts this monday and we arrived during the late afternoon in Les Saintes. Our main goal with our stay in Les Saintes was to dive so we prepared for that by running the watermaker and go to bed early. The next morning we reanchored, far from any other boat but close to a dive site. This meant that we could dive straight from the back of Chibidarra which makes it easier for us, and it also means that we can fire up the dive compressor without anyone complaining. We did do a breif tour of the main island which had loads of scooters and e-bike rental shop but since it is a pretty small island it isn’t too far to walk anywhere. I would describe the island as very touristic but beautiful island with turcoise water and white beaches. The dives wherent to great although very good visability. We did find a great number of dead counch shells and seagrass. After a couple of nights in Les Saints we continued up north to Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe then another big french island with a almost working cellphone network, and boy did we use it. We got online and browsing Facebook marketplace for kiteboard equipment. We managed to get hold of three kites in diffrent sizes, two boards and after doing some complementary shopping at decathlon we got all we needed to start kiteboarding.

We also meet up and started bonding with our new crew Benuit and Martin, they are two french guys in our age. They have been travelling together before and are currently heading for south america but wanted to take a small detour in Caribbean on the way there. Since they had access to a car we joined them for a trip up the active volcano La Soufriere. Sadly we didn’t have any luck with the weather and had a cloudy situation on the top. But that didn’t change Bens and Martins decision on joinig us for a while. When we didn’t spend our time with our new crew we meet up with the crew from Serenity that we’ve been bumping into (stalking) since Mindelo. We decided to meet up with them again this time in antigua later that week.

Guadeloupe consist of two major islands one on the west side one on the east. Between them there is a big mangrove area which is accessible by dinghy. There were some natural canals and open areas in which the water was surprisingly clear.

After five days of bonding, exploring, shopping and restocking it was time to set sails and leave for the next anchorage. We anchored inside of bird island on the westcoast of Guadeloupe. Close to the wreck Le Fran Jack. Since both Ben and Martin is certified divers we dived on the wreck in to groups first Hanna and Captain, when they were out of the water me and the Frenchmans went in. It was a very well kept wreck with a decent amount of life surronding it. They had opend it up a bit so you could dive into the engineroom an have a look around. Well up and dry we left for next stop classic yacht regatta on antigua..

Over and out Anders

One thought on “Guadeloupe 17/4

  1. Hello The crew of Chibidarra
    I know that I have keept myself away from writing on your blog for a while but nerver the less I have really enjoyed reading about the islands and watching you lovely photos.
    It doesn`t matter if it is bad weather on some of the photos, somehow it makes it easier to cop with your days in paradise!
    Thanks a lot


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