Union island

After a long, hard and chill 40 minutes downwind sail from tobago cays we arrived at Union island. We decided to take a sundowner at the man built island, Happy island, that is situated on the reef in clifton bay. From Happy island we had a great view over the sunset kite show and me and Michael decided to take some kite boarding lessons.


The first night we met a guy called Bricky who wanted to show us around the island. We offered to make him and his family a typical Swedish dinner in return. Said and done we met up with Bricky the next day and he drove us around the island with his UTV. After the tour we got up to his place and met his family. They lived in a small apartment on a mountain side just above a solar panel field, which a Abu Dhabi based company had recently built. Apart from that and the garbage dump they had a lovely view. We made them Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam for dinner and fraswaffels as dessert. Since they didn’t have any table we were scattered across the room eating, which for us felt a bit strange. Bricky two sons also felt a bit uncomfortable that there four white people cooking and eating in their home. But they got over it during the dessert. The adult was happy with the meatballs and the kids with the dessert so we said goodbye and got back to the boat.

On the way to Brickys house we happened to cross path with Will a french guy that been sailing around the Caribbean since 2011. He has been stuck on Union island for the last five years since he started a kite surfing school in 2013. Me and Michael signed up for a lesson. We meet up with Will at the dinghy dock. We then took his dinghy down to Ashton bay, which is a perfect place for kiteboarding, where he held his lessons. The reef and pathway out to frigate island in the east stops all the swell, but non of the wind from getting in to the lagoon and it opens up for almost a mile of flat water, which is too shallow for boats to anchor in. Although Ashton lagoon was declared a marine conservation area in 1986 a big construction project, including a 300 berths marina, a resort and a 50 acre golf course in the mangroves started in 1994. Luckily for the lagoon the construction company went bankrupt in 1995 but by then they had managed to interrupt the water circulation and killed a lot of plants, corals and wildlife. In 2018 they opened up major gaps in the construction and replanted mangroves. In order to resurrect the lagoon. The future will tell if they succeeded. It is now the most popular place for kite boarding in the southern Caribbean and that is why we were there. Since me and Michael had been practicing with a small kite earlier we quickly got a feeling for how a big kite behaves and after after 1 hour booth me and Michael got up and away on the board. All three of us were satisfied with our progress and me and Michael continued taking turns being strapped to the kite and resting after the wipe outs in the dinghy. Me and Michael had the opposite problem. Since kite boarding consists of two parts the kite and the board, we had trouble with different parts, me controlling the kite and Michael the board. We took a total of three lessons and in the end I ended up on the same place where i started which means that I pretty much mastered the basics of kite boarding.

Since we hadn’t moved for a couple of days Elemiah del mar, another boat from the Viking Explorer, managed to catch up with us. Since we earlier on had been asked to mend their davits we spent a day or two welding and reinforce them. After celebrating the reunion and the mended davits we went ahead to the two islands Petite st. Vincent and Petite Martinique. We spent a day exploring and snorkeling and i even managed to find my self alone on a entire island.

The next day we went back to Union island but this time to Chatham bay on the other side of the island. Chatham is supposed to be a calm and nice anchorage but we managed to get there during high winds and rain. Michaels time onboard were coming to an end so we declared out of S.V.G and headed for Europe.

Over and out Anders

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