Mayreau and Tobago cays

When Closing in on saline bay, Mayreau, we saw a boat name on the AIS that looked familiar, it was our German friends Serenity. We meet them in a bar in Cape Verde, they had also bought a project of a boat, a Gin fizz, Jenneau 12m. They are a crew of three (with additional friends) Kai, Kristin and Daniel also engineers, and have all a leave of absent for one year before returning to Germany. They bought their boat in Italy and did the renovation in their first 2 months in September before sailing down to the canary islands and over to Cape Verde.

We invited them for a volleyball game at the beach, which were a lot of fun. When the sun had set and the volleyball was not visible any longer we continued the night on Serenity. They were to Leave for Tobago Cays the day after and invited us to join, but we all feelt that we needed a extra day in Mayreau to do some Laundry and explore some snorkeling and the island. We would catch up to them at Tobago Cays during their second day there.

We walked around the island, all 5 km 😃, this includes the Salt Whistle bay, which we decided to not to anchor in because it is a small bay with a resort right on the beach and at the time the bay was really Crowded.

Mayreau as well as Tobago cays are Marine reserve where diving and fishing is not allowed to preserve the Marine nature and its inhibitors.

When staying in Tobago Cays you have to pay a fee of 10 EC (1EC is about 3,5 SEK) per person and day

We arrived in Tobago Cays the following day exited to get to swim with some turtles. The anchorage were not so crowded as I expected. There were of course many boats but I had imagine much more. So within a few minutes a saw my first sea turtle while snorkeling they were just underneath Serenity buoy. Serenity were also snorkeling so we teamed up. Daniel showed me my first sting ray, the ray moved so gracefully through the water, truly Amazing. After we had been snorkeling for a hour or two we decided to go back to our boat and have some lunch. We made plans with serenity to continue snorkeling around 15.00 further out on the horseshoe reef, there dingy motor had broken so they needed a ride.

The reef was covered in some kind of seaweed and did not look too much alive, sadly. There were still animals living in the reef and some coral seemed less affected then others. while snorkeling me and Anders meet a reef shark, the shark was shy and didn’t like when we started to approach him. There were many Conch?? laying around on the bottom, getting back in their shells when you swam by, we had seen piles of shells in Mayreau and read about them, apparently they supposed to be really tasty, but almost endangered.

Andreas spotted and showed me some langustos that where hiding underneath some rocks. Later I had to stop him from almost swimming on top of a ray that was hiding on the bottom in the sand, we got a real close look 😆

The snorkeling was nice even though the reef had seen better days.

The second day I got up early to get some snorkeling in before breakfast. After we had eaten and Michael had gotten up, we decided to go up on one of the island, Petit Bateau to get some nice pictures over the Cays. I practice some slack line on the beach, before running away from the islands Dragons that were fighting each other in hope that i would feed them. They are called Iguanas and are Herbivore but I did not know that at the time and they have huge claws, So i stayed away.

Anders, Andreas and Michael decided to do some try windsurfing the rest of the day, while it was my turn to prepare the dinner.

Before leaving Tobago cays we decided to go out to Petit Tabac, where they filmed pirates of the Caribbean. The island were Jack and Elisabeth get stranded on and drink/ burn some rum.

But why is all the rum gone?

We had also read online when we were in Bequia that a sailing Vlogger Delos had buried a treasure on the island, so we could not resist to check it out, even though we were aware that the chances of finding anything this late would be small. We did find a note from other sailors that had come before us saying that the treasure was already gone when they got there (more than a week before us). We were still happy being on the inhabitate island with its white sand. We only stayed the day before continuing on to union island.

All from me, over and out

/ Hanna

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