St Vincent ( and the grenadines)

So after sailing for almost 20 days straight, we finally arrived in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Viking explorers had gotten a pretty nice deal at blue Lagoon Marina, so we could stay there for 2 nights for free. The Marina arranged a welcome party for the arrived participants. One boat, Hakuna Matata, decided to stop in Barbados where they had family visiting and One boat, Elemiah del Mar, lost their spin poles and got delayed because of this. They had them dragging under neat their boat for many Nautical miles and were afraid one had gotten tangled up in their propeller. So they did a dive on the boat in Barbados before arriving at SVG.

You Can hear Our story as well as their and the other participants in the Viking explorer on their Facebook page

After staying our two days, we decided to stay in the marina one more night. Both to enjoy the company of the participants and to stay close to customs so that we could check Anouck of our boat and continue sailing around the Grenadines. But by Sunday her plans had changed, so we decided to anchor outside the Marina. We did some snorkeling and exploring for a couple of days. On Monday she was able to buy a ticket to Trinidad and Tobago and continue sailing with another boat, from there she will make her way to south America.

So having crew on board can be really challenging and rewarding. We are going to miss Anouck and her easy going way. She made us understand what we want and need in future crewmembers. I now understand why most issues comes from bad communication and in our case language and norm barriers and why everybody always said Communication is key. I truly wish her a save passage and Good winds on her journey to south America.

After we dropped her off we stayed another night in the same anchor spot before sailing north to Petit Byahaut. We got there to a secluded bay with a really old abandoned tent resort. We picked and ate starfruit, coconuts and almonds right of the beach. We also did our first Carribean dive on a really nice reef in the bay were we were anchored. We watched the fishermen try to catch fish in the bay every morning and every night and they finally caught us in their net. They had to take the net under neat the boat and lift the anchor up to be able to finish their fishing. Some other fishermen came by and sold us a couple of lobster that were really nice and we enjoyed them in the beautiful sunset. After snorkeling around the bat cave close by and listening for all the bats we finally left St Vincent and headed for a really though passage to Bequia, it lasted over an hour 🙂


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