Leg 14: Las Palmas to Cape Verde, the not so green islands

So like many times before we “like” to do things at the last moment and we ended up being the last boat of the caravan to leave Las Palmas. We left on Monday afternoon the 7:th of January one day later then planed. We started out with no wind and motored for a couple of hours until we had passed the island. Then late in the evening we got good winds and we were, at least according to us, flying forwards. This were going to be a quick and fun crossing. But the next day the wind calmed down and we settled in for a calmer and slower crossing. A couple of days later the wind died almost altogether and after a day with almost no speed we decided to run some new lines to be able to try out the spinnacker. After a couple of days more with some spinnacker flying we had some wind again and we’re closing Cape Verde fast. At arrival there were going to be a welcome party for all the Viking Explorers at 6pm the 15th, So we pushed on as fast as we could and realized we could actually make it in time. After many calculation throughout the day we were gonna make it with 15 minutes to spare, until we got cell reception and realized that we got a bonus hour. Thank you time difference. So we just had time for a glass of champagne and a shower before the welcome party.

We spent 2 quite hectic days in Cape Verde getting everything sorted and be able to leave the same day as the others in the group. But we managed to refill propane and dive tanks, buy more food. Throw a party for some Germans we found at a bar the day before and scrape the bottom of the hull. Now off to cross the Atlantic

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