Leg 13: Porto to Lisbon, new crew member to join the team

The trip from Porto to Lisbon was like a lot of the Spanish trips with not much wind. We set of on Monday aiming to arrive on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning in Lisbon and start the passage to the Canary Islands on Thursday. The only issue was to get out of the inlet, with old sea hitting the wave breakers.

It turned out to be just fine and we had a sunny day with some winds but had to motor a couple of hours during the night.

As we got into the inlet of Lisbon we took the new decision to stay at a marina further out. The information regarding the marinas in Lisbon were bad and we had issues with nobody specifying max depth.

So We stayed in a small town called Oeiras. A short train ride from Lisbon

Because there was not much time and a lot to be done on the boat we decided to only spend Wednesday evening In Lisbon.

We walked around for a little while before meeting up with Jann and Ashley for beers, two Brazilian girls we meet in Porto the weekend before. On Thursday we had our preparing day. There were a yellow warning for heavy rain on the Portuguese weather forecast that set us back a little but we manage to:

  • Store the dingy on deck and fix it’s leak.
  • Check and secure all object on deck.
  • Discover that the wind wane needed some extra modifications before it could be used.
  • Fill up the water tanks and go grocery shopping.

We left on Thursday night for our first mayor crossing. Leaving us out on the ocean for approximately 7 days.

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