Leg12: Vigo to Porto

We left Vigo after spending a couple of days here on two different anchor spots.

So now it was time to leave Spain and enter Portugal. All in all we spent almost a month in Spain mostly due to unwanted winds.

So what have I learned about Spain

First you get snack when you order drinks, coffee beer wine or water. But we still have not figured out where or when? When most wanted we we’re left without and when we just had eaten there where heaps.

During our stay we got sandwiches, pizza, chickpea stew, squid, chip, popcorn, olives, omelette, candy, fries and churros. I read online that it’s a backpackers dream to be able to drink and get free snacks. It’d hard to just get a coffee when ordering one.

Second most important thing we learned was do not trust distances 300 meters was more likely to be 3 kilometers.

Third: you get a long way with a smile and some sí and No. It could be good to practice some Spanish to help with the communication. Even though they are most helpful even if they do not speak one word of English.

Four: Northern Spain is cold and has snow.

Five: There is a lot of autumn storms in the northern area. We ended up staying in one place for a week waiting for a weather window, that never came and ended up motoring most of the way to the next place between storms.

After setting sail we had pretty much every type of wind from every direction and also some time without any wind at all. But we arrived at Porto during the night while the winds had picked up quite a bit and we surfed in with the wind from behind.

We spent a few days in Porto waiting for the next weather window to go south. While in town we went on a mission to retrieve Anders father’s wallet from the airport. This was not as easy as one could think. After 1 trailside to the airport one evening Anders spent another whole day speaking a lot of sign language to finally retrieve the wallet.

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