Leg: 11 Camariñas to Vigo, Fighting fishermen

We went out of the bay with the fishing fleet of Camariñas and 1M out we set course south again.

With a mixture of downwind sailing, beating in to the wind with the engine and a good beam sail. We manage to stay free of all the fishing gear and arrived in Vigo the next morning. We spent a few nights at anchor in a spot outside of Vigo but when the wind and waves picked up we moved further in to the bay and boy O’boy was it calm.

We was completely still for a couple of days that we spent on board fixing stuff that we hadn’t had time to before and took a train to go exploring Vigo. While in Vigo we looked at the town and enjoyed ourselves with a couple of beers at some small local bars and decided to go looking for some boatstuff. We needed new runners for the mizzensail and a few other bits and pieces.

We tried to find a chandlery and found a couple on google maps but no one seemed to sell these. We got recommended to go to a store a bit further away about 300m. After walking around and back and to every boat related store we could find we finally arrived at the recommended store over 2 km away.  This one was a really good store with heaps of stuff. We bought some runners that of course was the wrong model but we accidentally stumbled on to something that looked like a threaded cover for our emergency steering that has been lost since we bought the boat. We took a chance and hoped it would fit and it work like a charm so no more leaks through that one.

All this took some time and we had to walk fairly quick back trough town to catch the last train home. We caught the train alright but when arriving at our station nobody recognized where we were. So we found out that they had built another railway with a station outside of town instead of the one we thought we were going to. But no worries we walked back in to town and realized that the tide were to low to be able to get the dinghy afloat in the mud. It was really shallow waters for a long way. So we had to wait for another hour for the tide to go up so we grabbed a beer at the local bar and waited. At last we arrived back at the boat at around midnight and crashed into bed.

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