Leg 10: Ferroll to Camariñas, you can’t plan everything

So after almost 8 days at anchorage close to Ferroll we decided to leave Tuesday evening to motor the most part of the trip due to lack of winds.

After we pulled up our anchor and started the engine we could hear a unfamiliar sound. So we went a couple of hundred meters and anchor once more.

Turned out to be the flexible coupling between the gearbox and the prop shaft that had come loose.

So the boys changes screws and we were off again missing the daylight but happy to be on our way.

The night was clear with stars lighting up the sky. On My second night shift getting closer to Camariñas I started to notice more and more small fishing boats and as I rounded the point of land it started to become clear that there would be more to come. At this time Anders came up for he’s shift and I stayed on because we were closing in on our selected anchor spot. The time was around five in the morning and ALL the fishermen of Camariñas had woken up and left Harbor for fishing and they were everywhere..

And fishing everywhere. We tried to take that path against the lighthouse but there where boats in our way and some suicidal without any lights on.
My heart was beating fast, note to self try to get in before the fishing fleet next time.

We also had to change spot to anchor due to what probably turned out to be some clam agricultural.

All in all it turned out more then OK nothing broken and a beautiful beach close to our new anchorage

Off to explore Camariñas 😁

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