Leg: 9 Ribadero to Ferroll with two small stop along the way

Ribadeo was a rest well needed before we continued south towards A Corúna. We waited again for better wind but it never came, so we continued anyway. After small part of the way sailing and just drifting with the current, we started the engine toward a big industrial harbour. Just west of it was a small harbor were we anchored for the night. We spend most of our day there await the wind to pick up by having a run on a trail close by

Our journey continued on to Cedeira a fishing village with about 7 500 inhabitants and a lot of ducks I really wanted to befriend. I tried to ask if someone would join us on our sailing adventure but my Spanish was to poor and their Swedish the same. I didn’t want to make anyone jealous so nobody got to join.

The last part of our leg was to get our butts to Ferroll before the bad weather hit us.

But the trip there was the most uncomfortable ride so far. With huge waves and wind straight at the front we made our way to Ferroll.

I did not puke 😁

One thought on “Leg: 9 Ribadero to Ferroll with two small stop along the way

  1. Hej
    Så himla roligt att ni börjat publicera fler bilder, så man bättre kan leva sig in i er resa.
    Lite nyfiken är jag på, om ni fiskat något. Långa stopp, vad gör ni? Är båten tipp topp?
    Ha det gott och kram på er alla


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