Leg 8: Crossing the Infamous BAY OF BISCAY

On Our travel towards the Caribbean from Sweden, the bay of Biscay is supposed to be the most difficult part of the Journey. I just hope that is true. The bay of Biscay gave us everything, exept Show, and im not exaggerating, We got Sun, rain, (Rainbows), Hail, wind (a lot, 25 m/s and non less then five), lightning, thunder and Waves, (load of waves, from Cliffs to mountain). Rolling us for more than 48 hours, 336 NM to be more exact taking a small detour from the straight line of 283 NM 😅

We divided the day into 3h shifts, this time alone, waking up the next person if there where trubbles. So safety harness on and we were ready to go. I was to start with the best watch, getting sunrise and sleep during the night hours, which is nice, but clouds were blocking my sunrise so I didn’t get that. And both Andreas and Anders got accompanied by dolphins during their shift, I was not as fortunate. I don’t think it will be the last time some will accompany us on our travels.

Celebration our crossing in Spain

Cheers ⛵

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