Leg 7 Guernsey to Audierne France, one week became one day

They plan was to sail and anchor around the channel island to the next weather window, this where not to occur until a week from arrival but the weather changes and there was a opportunity to move on further south after just one day. So with the weather going from 20 degrees down to only about 10 the day after we decided to leave. When everything was packed Andreas decided to drop his phone in the water while on anchor. So before we could leave Andreas had a short night dive to collect the phone at 10 meters depth. But after this small pause we were on our way at about 19.30.

So after three nights at sea we arrived in France and Audierne. We found a very nice small town and marina. Of course while in France we enjoyed some cheese and baguettes.

One thought on “Leg 7 Guernsey to Audierne France, one week became one day

  1. Härligt att höra lite nyheter och inte minst få lite bilder från er.
    Har ni fått ett lågtryck över er så kan vi trösta er med att även vi har fått vår beskärda del, lite snö och en temperatur som fallit på andra sidan nollan. Inser att ert lågtryck är mer och snabbare övergående än vårt här hemma. Snart seglar ni “runt hörnet” och allt närmare värmen.
    Det blir väl några dagar extra i Ribadeo än vad ni räknat med, vad vi kunde förstå, men bra att ni tar tid på er att se över båten.


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