Leg 6 Blankenberge, Belgium to Guernsey, Channel island

So the infamous English Channel with marine traffic in every direction, Tss were only the commercial traffic is allowed and small pleasure ships should stay out.

So what happened?

Well we decided to go by night, less ferries to worry about in the narrowest section of the channel, the Dover channel. (Dover to Calais)

That did not happen, we flew with the tides and the wind and arrived at sundown…. 😕

And what about all big commercial ships??

Not really that many. We hardly had to change course at all and we were never called on the radio. We experienced more ships at and around the inlet to Rotterdam.

We arrived really early, around 4 to Guernsey and were allowed to sleep at the check-in dock and declear the vessel the next morning.

7.30 we woke up by the sound of two English fellas running around on chibidarras deck, putting their vessel along side ours. Apparently they had just bought the boat and where on their way to sail is back to Jersey, but were waiting on the right tides.

So awaken we had some breakfast and our first declare form to fill out

3 thoughts on “Leg 6 Blankenberge, Belgium to Guernsey, Channel island

    1. Ja man hade blivit lite skrĂ€md innan men det gick fin fint 😁 nu Ă€r vi förbi hela kanalen och vi behövde inte Ă€ndra kurs en Ă€nda gĂ„ng 😊


  1. Jag ser hur ni ligger och lurar och vĂ€ntar, likt surfare pĂ„ sina brĂ€dor, pĂ„ den perfekta vĂ„gen…….. Och plötsligt sĂ„ hĂ€nder det, bara att hitta rĂ€tta positionen pĂ„ vĂ„gen och surfa med. Hur hĂ€rligt kan inte livet vara.
    LÀngre och lÀngre söder ut mot vÀrmen och hÀr vÀntas den första snön imorgon. Olika i olika kommuner.
    Hinner ni att upptÀcka nÄgot vid era strandhugg eller kÀnner ni att ni vill komma ner till Kanarieöarna sÄ fort som möjligt?
    Vad ni Àn gör se till att njuta av nuet?
    Kramar till er alla


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